Cat Meffan

“”Lydia is by far one of my favourite photographers to work with, as she makes the process fun and makes me feel so comfortable. Lydia has an amazing eye for locations, props, colours, outfits and poses that she guides me through if I get a little rigid or stuck. Honestly, I walk away from a shoot with Lydia feeling my most confident ever! I cannot recommend working with her enough.”

– Cat Meffan, Yoga Instructor & Founder of Alma Escapes and My Soul Sanctuary

Squirrel Sisters

“Working with Lydia was an absolute dream.
Usually both of us hate having our picture taken but Lydia made us so comfortable and relaxed; She made the shoot so much fun that we didn’t want it to end.
We needed new pictures because we have lots of exciting press opportunities coming up so we needed a range of photo’s that would be suitable for quite varying publications. Lydia helped us achieve options for all of these.
We absolutely love the final edits and can’t wait to start seeing them in national press.”

– Gracie & Sophie, Founders of the Squirrel Sisters


“As soon as I came across Lydia’s work I knew I wanted to work with her for my new branding. Having never been very comfortable in front of the camera, I was nervous about the shoot. But I fell in love with Lydia instantly, she is so warm and kind and her energy is infectious. She made me feel right and home and like a goddess.

The photos are stunning and totally represent the ethos of my brand. Lydia took the time to get to know me and my company and I felt like she ‘got me’. I had so much fun and the photos were ready so quickly. Totally blown away by the whole experience- Lydia will now be my regular go-to photographer and I recommend her to everybody.”

– Charlie, Chiropractor & Breath Work Coach

Zanna Van Dijk

“Shooting with Lydia is always a pleasure. She makes creating beautiful imagery easy with her creative ideas and gentle direction. She goes above and beyond expectations every time, is full of passion and excitement and the content we produce together is always my favourite.”

– Zanna Van Dijk, Trainer, Podcaster & Stay Wild Swim Founder

Chloe & Josh

“We love working with Lydia and have been re booking her for well over a year now and will continue to do so. Not only is she amazing and efficient at her job, creating great stand-out top standard images. She also has so much passion and excitement for what she does which makes all the difference on the energy of a shoot and brings so much joy to the day.

She goes above and beyond and we highly recommend you use her for your upcoming shoots!

– Chloe & Josh, Model & Influencer couple

Today We Love

“We started working with Lydia a couple of years back now, and we keep going back because we love what she does!

Not only is Lydia very good at her job, always delivering high-quality photos. But she’s also a kind person who spreads good energy – just the sort of person anyone would love to work with!

Another thing that’s very unique with Lydia is that she always delivers the final images within a few days after the shoot, always way before the deadline.

We can highly recommend Lydia as a photographer.”

– Today We Love, Sara and Annabell, International Award-winning Bloggers

Frankie Gaff

“I first shot with Lydia about 4 years ago now when I first moved to London and started doing what I do now. She is not only an incredibly talented photographer but also such a warm and kind person. She has taught me everything I know about being in front of a camera, always making me feel super confident and relaxed. The images are always incredible and her enthusiasm to get home, get the pictures edited and sent out on the same day just shows how much passion she has for her job which I personally think is incredible.

Whenever I get booked on campaigns now, the brands are always asking after Lydia, booking us as a duo which is amazing. When I know I’m shooting a big campaign and Lydia is the photographer, it gives me so much ease. We just shot another very successful campaign together for a big jewellery brand and I cannot wait to see the images!”

– Frankie Gaff, Influencer

Mollie Bylett

“I first shot with Lydia 3 years ago and she is still my first choice whenever I have a campaign to work on. Lydia’s ability to not only interpret a brief but to creatively bring it to life and direct it flawlessly makes her way more than just a photographer.
Lydia is an absolute natural and has worked with me successfully on campaigns from travel and beauty through to lifestyle and technology.”

– Mollie Bylett, Travel Blogger and Photographer

Leila Godfrey – Reward Style

“I have had the pleasure of working with Lydia for a handle of influencer and brand facing events. Not only do I love working with her, but the whole team gets excited when they know she’s photographing the event. Whether it’s our shot list, or the brands shot list, she never fails to capture every bit of content we need. We are never disappointed with the photos.
I will continue to take Lydia with me to every event I need a photographer for! In my eyes, the best in the business. “

– Leila Godfrey, Brand Marketing Manager for Reward Style and Like.To.Know.It

Carly Rowena

“I first saw Lydias photography through a shoot of someone I followed on Instagram, nervously I messaged and asked if I could book her for an upcoming campaign. We met in London and within seconds I knew this woman was going to become a permanent friend in my life. We meet at least once a month, shooting with her feels like going on a night out with a friend, she makes me feel beautiful inside and out, it’s so much fun that I genuinely forget what Im doing and live for the moment which is why i believe her photography is so beautiful, she helps you feel your most confident and it shines through.”

– Carly Rowena, Fitness Trainer + Retreat Host

Rosie Millen

“I LOVE working with Lydia. Each shoot is FUN, creative and we always smash the photos. It’s something I always look forward to because it doesn’t feel like work.
Lydia is SO talented in what she does. She is always brimming with ideas to nail the shot.

– Rosie Millen, Nutritionist and Public Speaker


“I’ve been lucky enough to have worked on a number of professional shoots both in the UK and abroad. Lydia is up there with the best photographers I have been shot by.

She has that essential combination of raw talent, technical ability and sheer passion and soul for her work…her energy and enthusiasm really shines through in every shoot which makes standing in front of the camera a hugely enjoyable and rewarding experience.

You can guarantee that Lydia will see things you didn’t know where even there and will, as a result, produce unique work you will be super proud of! I can’t wait to shoot with her again…”

– Lawrence Price, Fitness Model and Trainer

Fiona Robertson

“I’ve had the absolute pleasure of shooting with Lydia for a few occasions, two were for personal projects and one was for a job we did together.

The first time I did a shoot with Lydia I was blown away by how passionate she was for her photography and how friendly yet professional she was! She has the perfect balance when it comes to finding the perfect photographer. You’re never just shooting with a photographer, you’re shooting with a friend!

Her directing skills during a shoot is the best I’ve experienced and I can guarantee whatever the shoot is, that you will feel very comfortable in front of the camera and look incredible!”

– Fiona Robertson, Dancer

Ella Gregory

“I love working with Lydia. She has such a relaxed, warm and friendly personality. She makes you feel so comfortable and confident in front of the camera, and always gives great direction and ideas to help bring your creative briefs to life.

When I’m stuck for ideas for a shoot, Lydia is always quick to come up with suggestions, and she knows the best locations to shoot in.”

– Ella Gregory, Blogger

Tiffany Watson

“Shooting with Lydia is like hanging out with a friend for the day. She makes you feel so comfortable and at ease and I love that she gives you direction whilst taking the photos as I find it really helpful. Have used her for 2 years now and would never look for anyone else to shoot my content!”

– Tiffany Watson, public figure and Influencer

Lucy Wood

“I first shot with Lydia when I was a little camera shy. With Lydia’s amazing energy, creative eye, and passion for photography I was soon made at ease. This resulted in some incredibly powerful photos.

She will always be my first choice as a photographer when I am ever looking for a UK shoot”

– Lucy Wood, Life Coach and Public Speaker