I’m Lydia, a seasoned fashion, lifestyle, and product photographer with over eight years of experience in the industry. Splitting my time between the streets and studios of London and the sun-kissed landscapes and beaches of Australia, I’ve had the privilege of capturing fashion and lifestyle in many different forms.

I’m extremely passionate about photoshoots feeling comfortable, fun and creative. I work with brands, individuals, and agencies to create engaging yet conscious content that elevates and expands visions into reality. With an innate understanding of light, composition, and storytelling, I strive to immerse myself in any brief handed to me to┬ádeliver high-end imagery that excels your brand.

Having honed my craft through years of dedication and passion, I bring a determined and creative vision to every project I undertake.

I am available for worldwide bookings. For all queries and bookings please use the form below or email me directly on contact@lydiacollins.com and I will get back to you ­čÖé

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