Australia Bundle Pack


When you purchase this downloadable photo bundle, you will receive all 3 photographs as a JPEG and TIFF version. The JPEG version is great for phone and social use and the TIFF is perfect to print these photos to any size you desire!

A litte bit about each photo…

  1. Waking up for Sunrise is one of my favourite things to do, especially in a place like Byron Bay. Silhouettes, Byron Bay, was taken along the main beach as two early risers were walking to the shoreline.
  2. Byron Bay is one of my all-time favourite places in the world, it has a very special place in my heart. Crystal Waters was taken at the most popular surf spot in town, The Pass.
  3. Fraser Island is one of those special places you visit that you just never forget. This shipwreck is called Maheno and it was an ocean liner belonging to the Union Company of New Zealand. Maheno washed ashore on Fraser Island by a cyclone in 1935. If you’ve been lucky enough to visit this magical Sand Island, you’ll know why it is such a special place to so many people.